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Our main office is located at

5000 Briarwood Ave.

Please call 432.682.5385 to make an appointment!

One of the most effective treatment options for allergies is immunotherapy. At West Texas Allergy, allergy serum is customized per your specific allergies by a recipe written by Dr. Wolbert.  Our allergy shots are mixed on site by qualified nurses, and our shot bar is staffed by 2+ nurses every day to ensure a safe and easy experience for you. 

For patients living in and near San Angelo, Dr. Wolbert operates a monthly clinic. For scheduling, please call our main office at 432.682.5385.

Dr. Miguel Wolbert                                        5000 Briarwood Ave
Misty Fortner, PA-C                                                                   Midland, TX 79707
Dorane Thornton, PA-C                                                                ph 432.682.5385
                                                                                                         fax 432.682.1265

Here at West Texas Allergy, we pride ourselves on giving our patients personalized and thoughtful care.  When you visit us in our new state of the art office, you'll find amenities like a play area for young children, a 'quiet zone' study room for homework and reading, and a tube slide in our lobby that is the perfect reward for good behavior at the doctor's office! Add in our annual events like allergy free trick-or treating, our wooden nickel program and our Facebook contests, and we believe that for once you and your children will actually look forward to coming to the doctor!

If you have already scheduled your appointment with us, please download the new patient packet.

Please print the packet and bring the completed pages to your appointment with you, along with your insurance card.

Although these perks make our office special, it is the patient care that we provide that truly separates us from other providers in the area.  Our staff is well trained and sincere in their care for you and your family. Our providers are certified to treat adults and children of all ages, so you can be assured that our evaluations and treatment plans will be customized to your needs.

We currently  offer our appointments, testing and treatment at two locations in West Texas, Midland & San Angelo.  All appointments should be arranged by calling the Midland office at 432.682.5385 or emailing WestTexasAllergyMidland@gmailcom (for existing patients) and (for new patients or physician referrals). 

Before making an appointment for allergy testing, please note that patients should not take antihistamines, over the counter cold, allergy or sinus medications for 3 days before the appointment date. These medications may interfere with testing. If you have a question about whether a specific medication you are taking will affect your testing, please inquire when calling for your appointment.  Although testing is not required at your appointment, it is often the easiest way to find out what environmental, food or other kinds of allergies you might have.  Please note that to provide the most thorough care in your appointment possible, some appointments may run up to 2 hours long. Such an appointment might include an asthma evaluation, extended allergy testing and an evaluation from a provider.