At West Texas Allergy, we pride ourselves on giving our patients personalized and thoughtful care.  When you visit us in our state of the art Midland office, you'll find amenities like a play area for young children, a 'quiet zone' study room for homework and reading, and a tube slide in our lobby that is the perfect reward for good behavior at the doctor's office! While our new office in Lubbock is just opening, we are confident that the expert level care that we provide is the best in West Texas. We look forward to bringing similar amenities to our Lubbock office like we have in Midland very soon! 

We currently offer our appointments, testing and treatment at two locations in West Texas, Midland & Lubbock. 

Appointments should be arranged by calling the Midland office at (432) 682-5385 or the Lubbock office at (806)795-4391

or emailing (for existing patients) 

or (for new patients or physician referrals). 

Lubbock Office

Dr Miguel P. Wolbert

Misty Fortner, PA-C
Dorane Thornton, PA-C

5424 19th Street #300   Lubbock, TX 79407

ph (806) 795-4391   fax (806) 796-1354

Before making an appointment for allergy testing, please note that patients should not take antihistamines, over the counter cold, allergy or sinus medications for 3 days before the appointment date. These medications may interfere with testing. If you have a question about whether a specific medication you are taking will affect your testing, please inquire when calling for your appointment.  Although testing is not required at your appointment, it is often the easiest way to find out what environmental, food or other kinds of allergies you might have.  Please note that to provide the most thorough care in your appointment possible, some appointments may run up to 2 hours long. Such an appointment might include an asthma evaluation, extended allergy testing and an evaluation from a provider.

Midland Office

Dr Miguel P. Wolbert
Kristin Kuentsler, PA-C
Megan Ruhnke, PA-C

Ryan Vela, PA-C

​​5000 Briarwood Ave  Midland, TX 79707  
ph (432)682-5385   fax (432)682-1265

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